About us

Dear school students, esteemed colleagues,

Thank you for registering on the website www.Citizen.in.ua. This website is an interactive resource and is aimed at providing information and methodological support to the school students and teachers who are working with the textbookCivic education. 10th grade. 

We are sure that due to common efforts our communication and cooperation will be interesting for everyone and useful for all of us.

Possibilities for SCHOOL STUDENTS:


  • Online-textbook/manual in civic education. The text, additional information on every theme (texts, videos, case studies);

  • Online-СOMMUNITY of school students from different regions of Ukraine: simulations, games, questionnaires, petitions, elections, flash-mobs школярів (on civic themes), etc.;

  • Personal cabinets of school students / Portfolio of school students civic activities: recording specific practical deeds in the course of civic activities, as well as common blogs, forums, discussions;

  • Assessment through automatic recording of students achievements: recording a student’s activities on every theme, triple competence approach to the final assessment of student’s work on every chapter: online testing, situation analysis, practical task (an essay) and also student’s motivation (by means of automatic accumulation of grades) in the involvement in the “Community” activities .

Possibilities for TEACHERS:

  • Online teachersroom. Friendly Community of civic education teachers. Only persons registered as a “Teacher” are allowed to enter;

  • The school unit. Information on the school on the map of Ukraine;

  • Teacher’s grade book with achievements of students. Every registered student’s activity is recorded (grades are given) in the general “electronic grade book” (according to themes and chapters), which is accessible for teacher’s reviewing;

  • Topical information: methodological materials, information on webinars, educational seminars, teachers’ conferences, etc.


How our work is conducted:





Step 1.


Teacher’s registration

A teacher is registered on the website as a “teacher”

A teacher receives a password for accessing the website, in particular to the sections “Teacher’s room” and to the “Grade book of students’ achievements”, etc.

The website operator creates on the site the “School section”

Step 2.


Students’ registration.

A teacher invites for registration the students of his grade/grades.

Every student registers on the website by himself/herself.

A student receives a personal cabinet and a password for access to it.

Step 3+


Common work

Work with materials, watching videos, case study, simulations, games, questionnaires, petitions, elections, flash-mobs and new friends for students.

Methodological materials, webinars, forums, discussions, experience and new friends for teachers.

For students and teachers: additional information, new friends, practical skills and the first positive experience in the civic activity/civic education sphere.


Activities for students in 2018-2019 acad.year. Section COMMUNITY:

Information on the beginning of every activity and its results will be received by means of either/and: news on the website, E-mail or SMS messages.
















«We among the others. Others among us.»


Such distant close friends

Online petitions to the government

Media game


«Presidential elections»


Economical online game


Online volunteering

Chapter 3


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5


Chapter 4


Chapter 6

Chapter 7